Re: Case unsensitive names -> case sensitive while going to starting

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 27 May 1997 16:59:09 -0700

JvdWilk wrote:
> Hello,
> Today I ran into a nasty situation. I've just recently started running
> RadiusNT, and am not to experienced with it. At first I had it set up in
> it's most simple way, a program running from a dosshell. In this way it
> worked just fine. It authenticated users, and did this while being case
> sensitive on password checken, but case insensitive on usernames.
> That was fine with me - I didn't care, and didn't worry about it.
> Today I wanted to see if I could get RadiusNT running as a system
> service - I finally found some time to dig into the documentation...
> After some minor problems, I had it running as a service. But at the
> same time RadiusNT started authenticating both usernames and passwords
> case sensitive. That might be the way it's supposed to, but I didn't -
> and still don't - like this at all... Out of the blue users are unable
> to login, because of the case sensitive username checking, and them
> being told by us that though password are case-sensitive, the usernames
> weren't.
> I ran the Administrator program, and checked the 'ignore case' box. This
> doesn't make any difference for the usernames... They're still being
> checked case sensitive...
> I even de-installed the startup as a service, and went back to the
> running RadiusNT from the dosshell. No difference - RadiusNT has started
> checking usernames case-sensitive, and keeps on doing so. Now also while
> run from the dosshell.
> Am I overlooking something? Is this normal behaviour? What's happening
> here, and why?

No. In RadiusNT 1.16.60 and lower, the ignore case was backwards.
the ignore case option in the admin and it will be username unsensitive,
password sensitive.

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