Case unsensitive names -> case sensitive while going to starting

JvdWilk ( )
Tue, 27 May 1997 19:29:18 -0300


Today I ran into a nasty situation. I've just recently started running
RadiusNT, and am not to experienced with it. At first I had it set up in
it's most simple way, a program running from a dosshell. In this way it
worked just fine. It authenticated users, and did this while being case
sensitive on password checken, but case insensitive on usernames.

That was fine with me - I didn't care, and didn't worry about it.

Today I wanted to see if I could get RadiusNT running as a system
service - I finally found some time to dig into the documentation...

After some minor problems, I had it running as a service. But at the
same time RadiusNT started authenticating both usernames and passwords
case sensitive. That might be the way it's supposed to, but I didn't -
and still don't - like this at all... Out of the blue users are unable
to login, because of the case sensitive username checking, and them
being told by us that though password are case-sensitive, the usernames

I ran the Administrator program, and checked the 'ignore case' box. This
doesn't make any difference for the usernames... They're still being
checked case sensitive...

I even de-installed the startup as a service, and went back to the
running RadiusNT from the dosshell. No difference - RadiusNT has started
checking usernames case-sensitive, and keeps on doing so. Now also while
run from the dosshell.

Am I overlooking something? Is this normal behaviour? What's happening
here, and why?

Anyone who has a clue? It would be very welcome..!

Thanks in advance,


(Jurgen van der Wilk,
Paramaribo, Suriname.)