Re: Dr Watson Errors

James T. Robson ( (no email) )
Mon, 26 May 1997 16:14:41 -0400

Hi Dale,

I'm having exactly the same problem. RadiusNT on the secondary machine
runs very well in debug mode (except it does not write to the detail file),
but will not start as a service. (same error message as Alan). I ran the
secondary machine for two days in debug mode and it did an excellent job of
authenticating. (The primary authentic was down for other reasons)

The primary machine runs RadiusNT flawlessly in debug mode and as a
service. As near as I can tell they are configured identically.

Thanks for your help, Robie

> From: Alan Cragg <>
> To:
> Subject: Dr Watson Errors
> Date: Monday, May 26, 1997 3:07 PM
> Radius Users,
> I have been using Radius NT(1.16.60) on a 486-66 Windows NT 3.51 sp5 with
> few problems. I then tried doing the same installation on a different NT
> machine. With the exact same parameters and ODBC drivers it crashes every
> time it gets a request.
> Exception: access violation (0xc0000005), Address 0x00000000
> Radius works fine in text mode. The new machine is a Pentium 100 w/32MB
> NT 3.51 sp5. The only difference between the two setups is the new
> is running Website 1.1g, Serv-U ftp, and Cold Fusion 2.0 (Eval).
> I'm really stumped I've reinstalled the latest ODBC drivers several
> disabled ColdFusion, used the Access Database file from the working
> configuration, used the database file that came with the distribution.
> Any Help is greatly appreciated,
> Alan
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