Radius Authentication

Serge Stein/i2Tech ( Serge_Stein@i2.com )
13 Jan 97 9:18:13 EDT

This may be a stupid question...

If anyone has successfully documented the RadAttribute/RadValue values and
types, I would greatly appreciate seeing them. I am having a problem
authenticating users and radlogin with ODBC mode. When a user calls in,
radiusNT receives the request, calls the database(at least is looks that
way) and then provides the following error:

Freeing SQL statement...
LOG: Authenticate: username - No User Found

Then some errors after that also...The users are in MasterAccounts and
SubAccounts and are both active with Extensions of 0. I'm not sure I
understand all of the attribute types and values in the database...Thought I
did, but then Dale looked my DB and told me it was screwed up, so maybe
comeone can point me in the right direction!!!!!
Mitch Wagers wizard@telcentral.com
Director of Technical Services
TelCentral Internet

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