Re: Radius Authentication

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 14 May 1997 19:41:11 -0700

Doris G Dean wrote:
> We have Radius 6 running, logging the accounting to the SQL 6.5 using
> Emerald's table structures. I have set up RadiusNT Administrator to
> point to the users table to authenticate from. It isn't. It only will
> authenticate from the portmaster table. Is this because we are using ODBC
> and if so what table(s) need to be populated in order to authenticate form
> something other than the portmaster and what parameters need to be
> changed
> (if any).

But just by simply mimicing the Emerald or sample RadiusNT database
doesn't mean it will work. YOu have to add the users to the
proper tables, validate the information, add server information, etc.
A sample MS Access database is given with all the fields needed,
including a sample ues, to authenticate. Without debug information
from RadiusNT during the authentication, its impossible to see whats
going on or where the problem is. Post that and we can help.

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