Re: NASPort

Serge Stein/i2Tech ( )
26 Dec 96 22:10:44 EDT

Phillip Heller wrote:
> I finally wised up and did a radius -x15 to see why my callsonline table
> wasn't getting updated. It turns out that I had my server ports set to 0,
> 1, 2, ... 48 but radiusnt was trying to do an update callsonline set
> blah=blah, blah=blah, blah=blah where NASPort=20217. I renumbered all my
> ports starting with 20200 up to 20247. Is this correct? Why are the ports
> numbered like this? I've got an Ascend Max 4000, does that make a

Because thats how Ascend decided to do it. Actually, there is alot
more to it. The formula is tllcc where:

t = Type (1 = Digital, 2 = Analog)
ll = Line/Wan/Pri (01-04)
cc = Channel (01-23/24)

So you have have: 10101-10124, 20101-20124, 10201-10224, and 20201-20224
with two PRIs. If you are using Emerald, just use the Emerald 2.0.52
admin to "report" the server, but first select "Max 4000" and make
sure the number of ports is 24, 48, 72, or 96, depending on the number
of PRIs/Ts you have.

> difference? Well, now that my CallsOnline table works, I also need to know
> what the differences between 1 and 2 in AcctStatusType are. I'm assuming
> that AcctStatusType=1 means that the user is logged on and active, and that
> AcctStatusType=2 means that the user has requested to log off.

1 = Accounting Start, 2 = Account Stop. Viewed in terms of the call.

> Am I thinking this through correctly?

Pretty close.

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