Re: RadiusNT Database Pointers (+ a question from Dale)

Serge Stein/i2Tech ( )
9 Jan 97 6:13:59 EDT

Myrddin Emrys wrote:
> On Mon, 6 Jan 1997 10:42:21 +0800 (EAT) Ming sent this message:
> :Dale,
> :
> :I am new to NTradius. Please forgive me if my question seems stupid.
> :
> :Is there any document which list out the tables and the attributes which
> :NTradius needs? If not, can you just show me here the necessary tables
> :and fields that NTradius needs.
> Ditto his disclaimer, and ditto his question. Could a list of all the SQL
> statements, field names, field properties, and field purposes be put in a
> neat HTML table or text file? Now that I mention it, a list of what all the
> bits for -R and -x do would be nice also.

Disclaimer? You have to remember that RadiusNT (not NTRadius)
was not designed to be publicly used in ODBC mode. Only because
so many people were interested in it did we start releasing some
information about it with a sample MS Access database.

One reason why we don't have a lot of extensive documentation is because
RadiusNT changes frequently. Trying to maintain decent technical
for the ODBC interface and how it works is a challenge and a half. The
reason is that RadiusNT is a free product and its hard for us to justify
time and expense to do that, when we have no possible compensation for
Plus there is always a competive edge of other billing packages uses
RadiusNT as well.

I've posed this question to the list many time, but everyone seems to
quiet about it. If you really want a commercial version of RadiusNT,
with documentation and and some of the useful features in ODBC mode that
Emerald enjoys, what value would you associated with it? We are willing
to work on a business case for it, but I need to know whos interested?

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