Re: new user Xyplex mx1620 question

Serge Stein/i2Tech ( )
20 Jan 97 4:20:18 EDT

Marc P Seybold wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to get 1.16.52 to work with a Xyplex 1620. I'm new to
> both the Xyplex and Radius.
> I have Radius installed on a Dell 2100 running winNT 4.0. It works with
> radlogin.
> When I check the logs on the Xyplex it reports "authentication timed
> out." Obviously the two are not talking. Any ideas on where to start
> looking? The Xyplex is listed as a client and radius logs the initial
> exchange with the Xyplex when the NAS is first booted but after that
> nothing when someone tries to log on.

Are you seeing the requests in the debug window of RadiusNT?
What is the last thing on the screen in debug mode?
Can you use Radlogin after the Xyplex's initial request?

> Radius is running from a dos prompt with
> radius -x15 -A

You probably don't need the -A.

> Also the radius client and users files seem to be fussy about what
> editors are used to open them. What is the editor of choice?

Try pfe32 from the /nt directory on the emerald ftp site.
RadiusNT allows spaces in a user name, so you MUST have a tab
before the Password = "" part. Many editos screw this up, including
notepad and edit.

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