Re: RADIUS NT and ShivaPort

Serge Stein/i2Tech ( )
18 Feb 97 22:23:27 EDT

I have a ShivaPort 32 and use RadiusNT I have been less-than-pleased
w/performance. The Techs at Shiva are VERY helpfull and let me know that
there is a hardware problem where the unit will re-boot every-so-often :(
The price attracted us. If it was not for it's price I would not have
gotten my ISP open, so in that sence it is great :)

Thomas Spaulding

: From: Scott Lundgren <>
: To:
: Subject: RADIUS NT and ShivaPort
: Date: Tuesday, February 18, 1997 1:04 AM
: I have been using RADIUS with success with Livingston products and am now
: confronted with a difficult decision. I have been offered the chance to
: buy several Shiva ShivaPort Communication (Terminal) Servers at a
: discounted rate from a firm that is going out of business.
: These ShivaPort models are running the Shiva Firmware revision 2.01g,
: apparently has RADIUS support. Does anyone know about compatibility
: between this hardware and RADIUS NT?
: Scott Lundgren
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