Re: ODBC Mode

Serge Stein/i2Tech ( )
15 Feb 97 21:09:50 EDT

Tim Jespersen wrote:
> Whenever I implement ODBC mode, it never works.. when doing a radiux
> -x15 all I get is garble for all the passwords.. I don't have the
> encrypt password option selected in RadiusAdmin... Even if the user
> is in the radius7.mdb or in the "users" file it refuses to
> authenticate. If I disable ODBC mode everything works fine...
> Someone please give me a hand with this..

You entries in the Servers table do not have the same secret as the
NAS is the decrypted Password is garbage. In ODBC mode, the NAS client
information (which for normal mode is stored in the clients file)
is stored in the server table.

-x15 should show you the clients list and allow you to see the
bad secrets.

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