Dale can you help

Serge Stein/i2Tech ( Serge_Stein@i2.com )
25 Jan 97 1:42:05 EDT

I have a computone Power Rack and have set RadiusNT up to do accounting, so
far so good. I am using ODBC and Access7 and have figured out most of it
with the help of Will LaSala. The one I cant figure out is multiple stop
records. I get a stop record and everything is fine then another for the
same user with an error

ODBC: SQLExecDirect Error:
[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access 97 Driver] The changes you requested to the
table were not successful because they would create duplicate values in the
index , primary key,

then another and another. They go by so fast I cant tell how many.
Anybody seen this before.

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