Re: PostOffice3.0 Install/RadiusNT

Robin Greenhagen ( )
Thu, 22 May 1997 09:45:45 +0000

One of our customers fought support for 2 weeks before
anyone decided to shut down all other services (like RadiusNT). It
seems that the Setup.exe from Post.Office 3.0 and RadiusNT running as
a service did not play well togethor.

Robin Greenhagen
GreenSoft Solutions, Inc.

> I upgraded 2.0 to P.O. 3.0 on a 3.51 BDC, then upgraded to 4.0 SP2 and have
> had no problems with it at all....
> There is a problem if it is a NEW P.O. 3.0 install on a BDC... if that is
> the case then you need to contact and see what the procdures
> are...
> Is there anyone that has had problems installing PostOffice 3.0
> on NT4 SP3? Does it have to be installed on the PDC? Or can it be
> installed on a BDC? When I run the install on the BDC loged in as
> Administrator, the install has problems creating the local group, and if
> I do that part manualy then the install has problems assigning
> additional rights to the user I created. Also how does it work with
> radiusNT?
> Thanks in advance,