Re: We're making progress on Doc Watson!!!

Chris Kurlinski ( )
Fri, 16 May 1997 15:28:02 -0400

Barry at Mint City Internet wrote:
> Just a note updating my tale of woe with radius and Computone
> Intelliserver. Computone has a new kernal (1.5.1i) which we installed this
> morning. The "accounting storm" which we were experiencing has stopped.
> Actually I think we now have no accounting at all occurring, but at this
> point in time I don't care about accounting. Radius will still crash if
> someone logs in with a bad user name or password. We duplicated this by
> dialing in and after 3 bad attempts, radius goes to the doctor. Also, we
> noticed that passwords are not case sensitive with radius. We can login
> with the corrrect password but case reversed( ie test instead of TEST) and
> radius will authenticate. In radadmin, ignore case is not checked.
> Any pointers???

It has been found that the ignore case feature works backwards. Place a
check in it and you will be case sensitive.


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