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Barry at Mint City Internet ( bearb@email.mintcity.com )
Fri, 16 May 1997 14:57:53 -0400

Just a note updating my tale of woe with radius and Computone
Intelliserver. Computone has a new kernal (1.5.1i) which we installed this
morning. The "accounting storm" which we were experiencing has stopped.
Actually I think we now have no accounting at all occurring, but at this
point in time I don't care about accounting. Radius will still crash if
someone logs in with a bad user name or password. We duplicated this by
dialing in and after 3 bad attempts, radius goes to the doctor. Also, we
noticed that passwords are not case sensitive with radius. We can login
with the corrrect password but case reversed( ie test instead of TEST) and
radius will authenticate. In radadmin, ignore case is not checked.

Any pointers???


Barry Buchholz
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