As a service

Thomas Spaulding ( (no email) )
Thu, 15 May 1997 10:28:24 -0400

I went to a command prompt (in my radius dir.) and typed: radius.exe
that came back successfully.

When I open the service manager and click start it comes back with a
message: Error 1067: Process terminated unexpectedly.

any ideas ?

Also when using the user file w/Command Prompt I usually would put in:
radius -a /acct -d /replicate/radius -x15
This has worked perfectly for 7 months. How do I get the service to point
to that acct dir. ? I was told that if I click the "Interact w/desktop" in
the service manager it would pull up a command prompt window so I could see
users coming in and this true ?

Thank you for any help.
Thomas Spaulding