Radius Not Authenticating on system reboot

Tue, 13 May 1997 07:04:47 -0400

Hi gang,

I was wondering if anyone has had the problem of RadiusNT not
authenticating after a system power outage.

System Config:

1. RadiusNT .60 Set up as a service with "interact with desktop" and
Automatic startup.
2. NT4.0 SP2
3. Computone PowerRack
4. Microcom ISPort
5. APC SmartUPS power supply

After losing power the machines shutdown normally. With the power is
restored all machines come back up all OK. Looking in the control panel
"services" it shows RadiusNT has been started. No error messages appear in
the event viewer or other areas. The Radius will not talk to the NAS at
this point. If I manually stop the service (which fails) then start it back
up. It operation is all normal.

Does anyone have any ideas or has run into this problem also??

Thanks to anyone that can help.

Robert McGuire