Obj: Re: Configuring Expiration parameter

Nicolas SPORN ( nsporn@i2m.fr )
Thu, 08 May 97 11:46:52 GMT

Sur 07/05/1997 23:57, dans message <3370FAB9.3EB01425@iea.com>, "Dale E. Reed
Jr." <daler@iea.com> écrit(s):

> The two I was referring to are:
> VALUE Ascend-PW-Lifetime Lifetime-In-Days 0
> VALUE Ascend-PW-Warntime Days-Of-Warning 0
> Its really the same two, different name.
they are not commented !

when running radius -x15 system reports :
date "Jan 1997", just as if the expiration date format was not proper in my
user profile (there are 2 spaces at least between the month and the year) !
I put 4800 for the date (just for a try, it was written date from 00:00:00:jan
1 70 once) and then system said "May 1997"

Thanks for help

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