Re: Win95 vs. Win3.1

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Wed, 7 May 1997 09:28:16 -0400

> Maybe someone can help me with this one...Users using MS Internet Dialler
> have a problem of negotiating a protocol using PPP. I have had 2
> of this out of 212, and I have found it unfixable!
> The problem seems to be very random per computer. On computers that it
> happens, they seem to stay like that. From what MS has relayed to me,
> problem lies with Shiva. They have said they aren't using a custom built
> PPP stack, but a stack from Shiva. Of course, they claim that stack
> problems in very rare cases due to the use of non-Shiva equipment. The
> only fix I have found is to install Trumpet Winsock as the dialer, and
> disable the Internet Explorer winsock.dll. After all, if TP is already
> installed, Internet Mail tries to use it instead of the MS Dialler, how
> wierd. :) Anyone care to shed some light on this? I have doubts about
> MS's information to me (I have even opened an issue about it). Maybe
> isn't what you were having problems with, if not, sorry! I would
> appreciate a response to my personal mail if anyone has the same

Anytime that I've noticed that the dialer in MSIE for Win3.1 (actually by
Shiva) didn't work properly with a customer and our Max 4004, it was
usually related to the modem. Most of the time, there were problems, it
was because the modem was some cheap no-name modem that wasn't listed in
MSIE's modem list. In this case, sometimes it's necessary to choose
"Standard xxxx modem". In rare cases, you might actually have to change
the initialization string to get it to work. If the user had an RPI-type
modem, there's little hope no matter what you do.

The reason why your Trumpet Winsock is being used instead of MSIE's
winsock.dll file is more than likely because in your \autoexec.bat file,
the directory where Trumpet Winsock (tcpman.exe) is located is mentioned in
the path line. Take it out of the path line and it won't happen again
(unless someone stuck Trumpet's winsock.dll file into the \windows or
\windows\system directory.)

Someone on here had mentioned something about the amount of disks that MSIE
takes up. The latest full-install version of MSIE for Windows 3.1 (latest
version: 3.01) takes up 4 3.5" HD disks. When you download "dlful30e.exe"
from and expand the file, each of the 4 .cab
files go on 4 separate disks. All of the other files go on the first of
those 4 disks with the first .cab file.

Josh Hillman