Re: Win95 vs. Win3.1

Barry Buchholz ( )
Wed, 07 May 1997 08:06:41 -0400

We have experienced this as well. Our solution has been:
1. Try the Mosiac/Quarterdeck dialler. Usually fixes it.
2. Tell them to upgrade the computer, we found most of these problems go
away when the old 486 or 386 motherboard is replaced with a newer model.
3. Send them to our competition. This computer user will cause more
problems then the $20.00 per month they are paying. I apply the 80-20 rule
to this. 80% of your support nightmares are caused by 20 % of the users.
Let the few really bad go and you will free up a lot of time and resources
to help deal with the others who are probably willing to use newer
equipment, adequate ram and fast modems. We no long er will signup anyone
with unless they have a 486-66mhz or faster with 8 megs of ram or better.
The computers need to be faster to deal with the software. Old systems just
can't handle it.

Just my 2 cents from the tech support battlegrounds,

Barry Buchholz
Mint City Internet

And since I got this email in the RadiusNT list, I did seem to get radius
running properly. Thanks to all who helped.

At 03:10 PM 5/6/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Maybe someone can help me with this one...Users using MS Internet Dialler
>have a problem of negotiating a protocol using PPP. I have had 2 instances
>of this out of 212, and I have found it unfixable!
>The problem seems to be very random per computer. On computers that it
>happens, they seem to stay like that. From what MS has relayed to me, the
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