Re: Win95 vs. Win3.1

Mitch Wagers ( )
Tue, 06 May 1997 15:10:54 -0500

Maybe someone can help me with this one...Users using MS Internet Dialler
have a problem of negotiating a protocol using PPP. I have had 2 instances
of this out of 212, and I have found it unfixable!
The problem seems to be very random per computer. On computers that it
happens, they seem to stay like that. From what MS has relayed to me, the
problem lies with Shiva. They have said they aren't using a custom built
PPP stack, but a stack from Shiva. Of course, they claim that stack causes
problems in very rare cases due to the use of non-Shiva equipment. The
only fix I have found is to install Trumpet Winsock as the dialer, and
disable the Internet Explorer winsock.dll. After all, if TP is already
installed, Internet Mail tries to use it instead of the MS Dialler, how
wierd. :) Anyone care to shed some light on this? I have doubts about
MS's information to me (I have even opened an issue about it). Maybe this
isn't what you were having problems with, if not, sorry! I would
appreciate a response to my personal mail if anyone has the same occurances.

At 04:04 PM 5/6/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Josh Hillman wrote:
>> > I have an interesting problem. My users can all login fine with Win95,
>> > Win3.x and Mac. However, the Win3.x users using trumpet winsock don't
>> > show up on the Online tab while everyone else does. I've tried it with
>> > PAP both on and off in trumpet winsock and it makes no difference.
>> >
>> > I'm using a Computone PowerRack with kernel 1.5.1g, RadiusNT 1.16.90,
>> > Emerald 2.1.8 and MSSQL 6.50.201 with ODBC
>> This isn't a perfect cure, but how about getting your Win3.1x users off of
>> Trumpet Winsock and have them use the dialer that comes with the
>> full-install versions of MS Internet Explorer? That works nearly flawlessy
>> with all of our Win 3.1x users.
>> Josh Hillman
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>Unfortunatly many of our Win3.x customers don't have a cdrom and the
>owners aren't to keen on the idea of giving out 8 disks to each new 3.x
>customer. Is there a way to remove just the dialer from the package?
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