Re: radius runs better with flat file or ODBC

Barry at Mint City Internet ( )
Mon, 05 May 1997 17:20:45 -0400

No guest account on this system, I saw it crash yesterday with another
name, a user tried to log in with their second email address name and it
crashed at that point too. I currently have all our users loaded into
radius as:

test"tab" password= "test",
user service=Framed-user,
Framed- protocol= ppp
I also am using the nvram in the Intelliserver to log in a good chunk of
our users. Should I delete this, would radius stabilize? I have a feeling
that the accounting part of the radius cycle is what is killing it. The
intelliserver sends out requests for acccounting, but records an error that
accounting host unresponsive. Yet on radius you can watch it logging acct
acknowledgements for the start or stop messages from the intelliserver. a
folder in our accounting folder is recording the requests for acct.

At 02:06 PM 5/5/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Barry at Mint City Internet wrote:
>> The last message we get is:
>> RAD AUTH<>:user_find (guest) error=neither user nor default name
>> log:Authenticate:from x.x.x.x neither user or default name
>> my debug setup is
>> mode=0
>This means RadiusNT did not find the user in the users list.
>Does it should the user from the list it reads in when it starts?
>Do you have a guest user in your users file?
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