Re: Dr Watson .60 Running

Scott Lagos ( )
Sun, 04 May 1997 06:39:33 -0400

Definitely running it as
RADIUS -x15 -o -R31

also tried it without the -R31.

Yes it fails at the point you mentioned below.

I thought too that it was a bogus Access Database so I used the radius7.mdb
that came with it and got the same problem.

Now I didn't do anything in the registry manually. All I did was run the
radadmin that showed up on my Start Menu. Was I supposed to do something
in the registry?

Now that I think about it. When I first ran set up I got several errors
because I unzipped the .ZIP with an older version of PKUNZIP that didnt
support long file names. Once I realized that I reinstalled and reran the
radadmin. I even ran the uninstall from control panel (before the reinstall

My motto....if it ain't broke, break it!

Any other clues. Sorry for the delay on mail, my SMTP server is tossing
its cookies.

Next step?



At 08:18 PM 5/3/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Scott Lagos wrote:
>> 3) Mode: 1
>> 7) DataDirectory: ..
>> 8) AcctDirectory: ..\acct
>> 9) UsersFile: Users
>> Param: Debug Level: 15
>> Initializing Winsock...
>> ODBC Datasource: 'RADIUS'...
>I'm confused (yeah, whats new!) How did this get into ODBC mode? The
>mode is the registry is users file, and I don't see Param: for another
>mode. Are you possibly starting it as "-o -x15"?
>> Allocating ODBC Henv...
>> Allocating ODBC Connect...
>> Making ODBC Connection...
>> MS Access Mode Enabled
>> Allocating Statement...
>> SQL Statement: Select Name, RadAttributeID, Type From RadAttributes
>> C:\radius>
>So at this point RadiusNT Dr. Watsons? It could be bad data in your
>RadAttributes table. Does it do this when you use the default RadiusNT
>Access database?
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