Re: Radius 1.60 load error
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 17:50:45 +0000

I did setup the admin but if I understand it right that only applies
if running as a service. I did not install 60 to run as a service. I
am also not running 49 as a service either. I simply setup an item in
the startup group to load Radius with the following command line:

radius -x15 -b

This works fine for 49 but not 60.

The real reason I want to switch to 60 is so I can setup for
Concurrency lockout and to be able to setup a calls on line table so
I can view who is on-line and eventually setup a cgi program where
user's can also see who is on line from place on our home page.

I have tried the above command line and also the following and get
the same error with 60:

radius -x15
radius -x15 -R -b
radius -x15 -R31 -b

Any suggestions?
> From: "Josh Hillman" <>
> To: <>
> Subject: Re: Radius 1.60 load error
> Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 15:19:30 -0400
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> > I am currently running 1.49 just as a command line
> > w/ Access ODBC working. When I tried to upgrade to 1.60 I get the
> > following error after Column 17:
> >
> > radius: Couldn't open file for reading
> >
> > Users Load error
> >
> > I still have some users in a text file as we are still in the process
> > of entering the user info in the database file. If I switch back to
> > the 1.49 version everything loads fine. Is there something different
> > about 1.60 that I am missing here? I have looked at the changes file
> > and can't seem to see what I am doing wrong.
> Have you run the Radius Administrator that comes with Radius .60?
> If not, do so, and select whatever options relate to your setup.
> If your older version of RadiusNT was running as a service using SRVANY,
> you'll need to remove that service or else it may/will cause problems with
> the newer version of RadiusNT.
> If this is currently running as a service, I believe you have to stop the
> service before trying to run it from the commandline.
> When you're entering it on the commandline, what are you typing in?
> Josh
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