Re: Radius 1.60 load error

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 15:19:30 -0400

> I am currently running 1.49 just as a command line
> w/ Access ODBC working. When I tried to upgrade to 1.60 I get the
> following error after Column 17:
> radius: Couldn't open file for reading
> Users Load error
> I still have some users in a text file as we are still in the process
> of entering the user info in the database file. If I switch back to
> the 1.49 version everything loads fine. Is there something different
> about 1.60 that I am missing here? I have looked at the changes file
> and can't seem to see what I am doing wrong.

Have you run the Radius Administrator that comes with Radius .60?
If not, do so, and select whatever options relate to your setup.

If your older version of RadiusNT was running as a service using SRVANY,
you'll need to remove that service or else it may/will cause problems with
the newer version of RadiusNT.

If this is currently running as a service, I believe you have to stop the
service before trying to run it from the commandline.
When you're entering it on the commandline, what are you typing in?