Sam Dibrell, Jr. ( )
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 17:00:13 -0500

Hi again,

I was visited by the spirit of RadiusNT shortly after composing the last
message, changed the SQL ODBC driver to not use a trusted connection and
checked the connection again. BINGO. SOOO, ignore that stuff. New
problem though:

I am seeing response times of no less than 2000ms. The average was
probably around 3500ms for an ACK from the SQL. Experience tells me that
if left to run, around 5:00 radius (or the portmasters) will back up and
stop authenticating. Any ideas on the latency?


Sam Dibrell, Jr.
System Administrator
South Texas Internet Connections, Inc.

> We've been running RadiusNT and Access95/97 for about a year now and have
>outgrown that alliance. Starting up with SQL is starting to get
>interesting, so here are a few questions:
> We have downloaded the MS Access97 Upsizing tool and have successfully
>created a SQL database that is fully populated with our user data. The
>Access97 (front-end) has linked tables to the SQL database. The front end
>seems to be working well (except that network users can't see the linked
>tables - I think I can fix that one, but if anyone has a suggestion....:) )