Re: Digital Modems

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Wed, 17 Apr 1996 13:01:42 -0500

> From: Morris, Scott A. <>
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> Subject: Digital Modems
> Date: Wednesday, April 16, 1997 8:01 PM

> Your statement "I think the attractiveness of a
> pre-boxed unit like a 5200 is the size and only one power plug, instead
> 17." leaves out the fact that most any of the modern digital modem boxes
> has the ability to have a T1 or PRI card. In either case, the D/A
> conversion takes place on your box and not the telco's box. Personally, I
> would rather deal with a single T1 or PRI than 24 POTS lines any day.
> todays technology, you can easily get more than 24 channels from a single
> T1 or PRI service. Plus you get the advantage of doing analog and digital
> connections on the same box.

How do you get more than 24 channels from a T1 or PRI?
It was my understanding that you could only have 24 incoming phone lines on
a T1.

Tom Willson