Re: New Ascend V.5 dictionary

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 16:48:06 -0400

> I am planing to upgrade an Ascend 4000E1 V4.6 to the new
> software version 5, wich requires modifications on the radius
> dictionary. The new dictionary has 70 new attributes, 103 new values,
> and has 2 differrent attributes and 3 different values, compared
> with the dictionary found in the ODBC radiusNT version.
> Are all those changes necesary?
> To the people who has made the upgrade: Did you have any problem?

When I upgraded to 5.0A from 4.6C (Max 4004), I added all of the new Radius
dictionary entries to the SQL/Emerald database, but never modified the
text-based dictionary. I have had no problems running Radius .60 as a
service or from the command prompt.

If you go all the way to 5.0Ai8, make sure you add the two additional
dictionary entries for the slot and modem numbers that are now sent out in
the stop record. Also, you may want to add these two entries into the
Calls table (if you're using the Emerald db.)


Josh Hillman