Re: radius monitoring - SOLVED

Mike Phillips ( mphillips@MAIL.CLARION.EDU )
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 13:58:16 -0400

First, I'd like to thank Dale and everyone else for helping me find a
solution to the monitoring situation. I found a solution that looks (at
least right now) like it works. I would like to see RadiusNT monitor
itself in some way in the future, but I think WhatsUp does a nice job for
the rest of the network and I found a way to use it with RadiusNT.

So here goes...

I'm running MS-IIS on the same server as RadiusNT. So I created a /RAD
directory under /WWWROOT/SCRIPTS and setup an execute-only alias called
/RAD pointing to the /SCRIPTS/RAD directory. In this directory I put the
following batch file called R.BAT :

@echo off
cd \radius
radlogin.exe mphillips blah
if errorlevel 0 goto result0
if errorlevel 1 goto result1
goto end

type c:\radius\radcheckgood.txt
goto end

type c:\radius\radcheckbad.txt
goto end


In the C:\RADIUS directory I put 2 text files. RADCHECKGOOD.TXT contains:

Content-type: text/plain

<html>radius running</html>

and RADCHECKBAD.TXT is an empty file.

Now setup a new host in WhatsUp with the IP address of your RadiusNT
server. On the 'Services' tab create a 'Specific Service'. Filling in the
following fields:

Enabled: checked
Port: 80
Send command on connect: GET rad/r.bat\r\n
Expect after connect: HTTP/1.0 200 OK
Timeout: 10

Now, if all goes well, every X number of seconds WhatsUp will remotely run
the RADLOGIN procedure and, if it's successful, will send back a valid http
response, otherwise it will send an empty (invalid) http response. You can
also test your server with a web browser by going to If you get a 'radius running' back
then you know it's working.