Re: isdn/analog calls

Christian Gatti ( )
Tue, 8 Apr 1997 19:29:26 +0200 (MET DST)

>Christian Gatti wrote:
>> >If you are using text mode, then you can put the NAS-Port-Type = Async
>> >attribute for all dialup users, and just leave it off for ISDN
>> >customers. That should do what you want.
>> We use radiusnt in ODBC mode only but without the SQL server at the
>> moment.(we plan to do so in a few weeks)
>> I added the attribute NAS-Port-Type for the PPP account and checking
>> it with radlogin is OK as it tells mee that the NAS-Port-Type is async.
>> for that user but ISDN callers can still login using that PPP account
>> also they are not connecting to an async. port.
>> What can be wrong? Do I need the SQL server for this to work?
>ODBC mode does not support check attributes currently, beyond those
>are built in. That is why I specified text mode above. You can't add
>NAS-Port-Type to the RadConfigs or RadAtConfigs table, because those
>tables are only for REPLY attributes, not check attributes.


Will it be included? If so when when? It is very important to know as we need
to check certain attributes. So I also cannot limit my users to use
only 1 B channel on ISDN in ODBC mode? Does the SQL server help us on these
issues. These features are VERY important. We cannot allow the users using
2 channels or analog users being able to make an ISDN connection. Is there
a way to do it in ODBC mode as we would really like to continue using radiusnt
because of its odbc mode as we also have programmed our own managing extensions
using ASP to work with your database layout.

Any help is welcome,


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