Re: Need help on Dr. Watson's "access violation" error...

Kaiser ( (no email) )
Mon, 7 Apr 1997 16:17:05 +1000


> :)
I don't want to trouble you all the time but glad that
you replied.

> If you are referring to the ODBC Manual update problem...
I'm not sure what that problem is... I'm just running RadiusNT
with the "-x15" debugging option inside DOS command.

> solved in 1.18.0. If not, I haven't heard of this problem.
Earlier articles in the list mention about 1.18.0 as well but
don't know where to get it. Just ftped to ""
and it only has The "-version" option said it's
version 1.16.60.

> But what options do you have enabled in the RadiusNT admin?
Haven't touch RadAdmin yet + no entry in the registry as well.
At the moment only running as a console application
(c:\radius>radius -x15).

Am I making any sense? Please help...