Re: Need help on Dr. Watson's "access violation" error...

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sun, 06 Apr 1997 22:13:22 -0700

Kaiser wrote:
> Just solved my "Expiration" problem with Dale's help
> but now being confronted with Dr. Watson...


> I am still experimenting with RadiusNT .60 at
> "Console-Application" level. After RadiusNT .60
> authenticate a user and return either an "access-accept"
> or "access-reject" packet, it crashed (Even after I reboot
> the server). Dr. Watson always reports:

If you are referring to the ODBC Manual update problem, that is
solved in 1.18.0. If not, I haven't heard of this problem.

> The RadiusNT option I use is "-x15" only. Test using
> "radlogin.exe". I can't think of any solution. Please help...

But what options do you have enabled in the RadiusNT admin?