Need help running RADIUS as NT service

Jeff Tuttle ( )
Sat, 5 Apr 1997 20:56:59 -0600

Greetings everyone...

I'm new to the list so let me start by saying hello...

We have a PM3 on the way and I'm preparing the RADIUS/SQL servers.

I've successfully downloaded and installed the files/registry entries =
and now have a functioning RADIUS server on an NTAS machine.

I'm stumped on how to get radius running as an NT service. I've read =
all the docs. Before I HACK my way into this, does the RADIUS need to =
be installed as a service with instsrv or servany ??

I've read in the docs that the new version (60) will install natively as =
a service, I've installed it twice but no service is running. (i.e. =
nothing via 'net start')

I'll be more than happy to scan an archive list of previous postings for =
the answer if I knew one existed.

Thank you anyone,