Re: Authenticating

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 4 Apr 1997 23:20:38 -0800 (PST)

> So, it sounds like our indication that the RadiusNT service *has*
> autostarted on boot may be false, since we can at the same time run radius
> from a command prompt?

RadiusNT either didn't start, or it didn't connect to the DB on

> I can also type 'net stop radius' (service stopped), then 'net start radius'
> (service started), and then *still* run it from a command prompt. I think
> your Idea #4 below is sounding like the right one...

No, if you start the service, you can NOT run a foreground without
first stopping the service.

> > 1.) If your server is set on a domain, then you SHOULD specify a user for
> >radius to use when starting(i.e. so radiusnt can logon to the domain) If
> >you do not, radiusnt will not start unless using a system account(not
> >recommended), and generally does not put an event in the event
> >log(depending on your audits). Create a user for RadiusNT ONLY, with very
> >minimal restrictions to the domain, but this is dependent upon your global
> >domain policies.
> Hmmm, will give this a try. Running only as a service in the past, we
> haven't been concerned with actually starting RadiusNT at a prompt and with
> parameters.

The above is only relevant if RadiusNT is doing NT SAM Authentication
or a Trusted Connection to SQL Server. In text mode, its not needed,
except for NTFS file access.

> > 4.) If you updated to a newer version of RadiusNT, REMOVE the service from
> >the command line and INSTALL the service using the new radius.exe. I have
> >had a couple problems with NT SRV Security not wanting to allow version
> >changes on the services.
> >
> >Hope this helps man! If you have any more questions, I will try and answer :)
> Thanks Mitch, I think your #4 might be the answer, hadn't thought of that.
> We recently upgraded from 1.16.NT (1/6/95) all the way to 1.16.60.
> Everything else is running as it has been for over 18 months, but there have
> no doubt been lots of changes. I'll post our results.

Remember 1.16.NT run using srvany as a service. 1.16.60 runs natively
as a service. You should use instsrv.exe to remove the osrvany
service, then use "radius.exe -install" to install the new version as
a service.