Re: Authenticating

Ted Olson ( )
Thu, 03 Apr 1997 15:49:36 -0800


Sorry about slipping in an extra reply before seeing this response from you!

>RadiusNT does NOT dynamically re-read the users file. It only does it on
>Whoaa. The service is NOT running while you have foreground. It Can't.
>Only ONE copy of RadiusNT can run on a single machine for port 1645.
>Do a "net start RadiusNT" and it should start the service.
>No. Use the RadiusNT administrator to set the registry settings
>so the service will reuse them when it starts.

OK, understood. But, we must have something still not set right, or I'm
still confused, or both. We're up and running, but here's what I'm doing to
get it to work:

1. Rebooted the server (just for good measure)
2. Noted that Radius service was started (in Control Panel)
3. From command prompt, ran 'net stop radius'
4. Using RadiusNT Administrator, checked General box under Debug and saved
5. Ran 'net start radius' (service restart confirmed)
6. Watched Portmaster for login activity -- users *not* authenticating
7. Typed 'radius -x -A' at command prompt
8. Users file loaded OK, radius ready to receive requests, callers started

It this because the '-A' switch has not been set in Administrator? Would
that be the "Require Secret" checkbox under Accounting, with port set to
1646? Will this have any impact on use with an Ascend NAS? How about other
NASes ... as long as they support a Radius secret???

Second (final) question: Is 'radlogin *reload*' the recommended procedure
after a new account is added to the users file???

Thanks for helping,

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