Re: Portmaster not using Radius

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 02 Apr 1997 15:18:00 -0800

Reid wrote:
> I'm not able to get a basic install working with a text file.
> I'm using:
> The 1.16 RadiusNT
> NT 4.0 with the latest service pack.
> Running in a DOS window
> Text mode
> I can only get RadiusNT to start in -x debug mode. If I try to start it
> with any other command line options or with no options it sits there for
> a few seconds then returns to a DOS prompt.

Read up on the changes.txt file. Starting RadiusNT without -x is
for service dispatcher only. You can ONLY run it with -x15 debug in the

> When it is running I can see the Portmaster talking to it and I can see
> ACK's on the debug screen, but nobody can authenticate. The Portmaster
> doesn't seem to see the RadiusNY replys.
> Does anybody have any idea why such a basic install is not working?

You could have some port mis-configurations, as well.

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