Re: CallsOnline

Mitch Wagers ( )
Fri, 28 Mar 1997 21:24:43 -0600

We are running NT 4.0, Cisco AS5200's, and RadiusNT using the standard
radius7.mdb(converted to Access97). We have changed several things in the
database, as well as developed a wonderful FrontEnd and BackEnd database
for Customer Entry and Customer Handling. We have had very few problems
with Access97 and the radius database being updated. What OPTIONS are you
running radius with? We don't use concurrency control or anything above
Option 3 right now. What ComServers are you using? What IOS are they
running? Maybe you said this in an earlier email, but please repeat it :)

At 09:06 PM 3/28/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I did convert the database as the calls table is updating fine. I just
>can't get the server tables to update when a caller calls in so the calls
>online doesn't have any info in it. When I turn on concurrency control it
>tells me callsonline is missing, but it is their. If anyone has got
>Access97 running and their server information updates with the calls online
>query working I would like to know their setup so I can get mine to work.

Mitch Wagers
Director, Technical Services
TelCentral Internet