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Gary Austin ( (no email) )
Sat, 29 Mar 1997 02:06:15 -0500

We are running two livingston PM2E-30's with IOS 3.3.3. We are using
radadmin to do the options and here is the options we have checked:

Authentication Port 1645
Accounting Port 1646
Mode ODBC, Text
Debug ODBC, File
Options Concurrency Control
Manual Service Update
MS Access DB
Variable Login Limits
DSN Radius

As I said before the calls table updates but the rest don't. I am thinking
it might be something with IOS 3.3.3 but wanted to find someone who had all
the tables updating first and check their configuration first. If I turn
manual calls update on Radius dies with a DR. Watson error. Thanks for
> From: Mitch Wagers <>
> To:
> Subject: Re: CallsOnline
> Date: Friday, March 28, 1997 10:24 PM
> We are running NT 4.0, Cisco AS5200's, and RadiusNT using the standard
> radius7.mdb(converted to Access97). We have changed several things in
> database, as well as developed a wonderful FrontEnd and BackEnd database
> for Customer Entry and Customer Handling. We have had very few problems
> with Access97 and the radius database being updated. What OPTIONS are
> running radius with? We don't use concurrency control or anything above
> Option 3 right now. What ComServers are you using? What IOS are they
> running? Maybe you said this in an earlier email, but please repeat it
> At 09:06 PM 3/28/97 -0500, you wrote:
> >I did convert the database as the calls table is updating fine. I just
> >can't get the server tables to update when a caller calls in so the
> >online doesn't have any info in it. When I turn on concurrency control
> >tells me callsonline is missing, but it is their. If anyone has got
> >Access97 running and their server information updates with the calls
> >query working I would like to know their setup so I can get mine to
> >Thanks.
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