Re: Computone

SysOp/Webmaster ( )
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 12:38:45 -0500 wrote:

> Just had a devil of a time myself. There's no "configuration" file that
> we can give you that will solve all of your problems, but we're quite
> patient folks. We'll help you solve one problem at a time. What is your
> current difficulty?
> I hesitate to let you have our saved config files as a guidepost, since it
> contains root passwords, but I'll try to set up a spare config with a blank
> ROOT password for you to download and try over the weekend.

I understand, the root file would be greatly appreciated.
Currently I am trying to understand configuring the ports for a supra
modem for PPP/SLIP/CSLIP dial in only

The network options I think I have down.
Radius seems to be pretty fairly easy as well, as most all the docs are
on the RadiusNT site for that portion.

I know Computone has some fairly complete docs on their website, bit it
just vanished yesterday? The whole site is gone? BAD IP?

What dir on FTP site?