Re: NT News Server

Keith Willis ( )
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 02:18:29 -0600

hahah...Yeah, I really like Linux too! But for the folks who aren't hard
nosed Unix folks, the general security breaches in Linux are all too *real*
(subscribe to the CERT mailing list if you don't believe me)

I have consulted out to a number of ISPs who have a single installed Linux
box on their network for one function or another. They installed it and
got some "Unix guy" who knew what he was doing to set it up. Everytime,
the box has been hacked and is being used as a playground (usu by someone
outside the US :-)

Granted, if the folks knew what they were doing...they could secure it up
tight. That requires time which = money. Yet, Windows NT comes pretty
darn secure right out of the box. Easier to use and maintain from a user
standpoint with the support from Microsoft to back it up.

With Linux the support is not quite up to the level of MS yet :-) Granted
RedHat is making pretty darn good progress.......anyway...just my $0.02

Just a note: Invasion of your network is a real consideration when running
any OS you are not familiar with.....NT, UNIX, etc.... So familiarize
yourself and sleep well ;-)

>As a side note, I'd like to take this opportunity to remind people that.
>1. Sendmail is FREE (No need to spend $$$$$$ on Post Office or NTmail)
>2. inn-1.5 is FREE (No need to spend $$$$$ on MS-News or NS-News)
>3. Linux is FREE and it runs on about 1/5 of the hardware NT does.
>I know 90% of you on the list are NT people, but we have been running
>Linux News, Web and Mail servers for the past 2 years with much success.
>Why not take those thousands of dollars in licensing fees and use
>something that is stable, proven and reliable?
>We're intergrating Emerald with Linux at an alarming rate here, and thanks
>to Dale and I cracking heads on a couple of phone calls, have the export /
>automatic account creation / synchornization setup and working. It's
>really rather slick.
>Just an FYI.. I really do find it amusing that people spend as much as
>they do on NT solutions. :)
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