Access fields

Greg Watkins ( )
Wed, 19 Mar 1997 17:52:52 +0000

Hello all. I have been using radius .49 for many months now with just
the user file. I now have Acess 7.0 and have got it to work fine with
the ODBC except for a few questions.

1. What should I put in the the maEXPIRE or saEXPIRE fields if I
want no expiration?

2. What are valid entries for the "time left" field? Is this for
hours, minutes, etc..? Will this field change as the user uses takes
up time on thier account automatically?

3. I have downloaded the latest 60 version and tried to run it but I
got a Dr. watson error as soon as someone logged in and it quit. Is
there any certain installation procedure I need to follow when
upgrading to the latest version?

4. From what I can tell from the changes.txt file this is the command
line for running with Access if I want to block multiple logins:

radius -b -R19 -X15

Is this the correct command line?

5. In a few weeks we will be installing a new PortMaster 3 unit. Is
there any thing I need to do differently for the PortMaster 3 setup?

Thanks, in advance for your help.

Greg Watkins

Thanks in advance