Re: Actually NT NEWS Server

Tommy Cheng ( )
Tue, 18 Mar 1997 20:18:42 -0800

That's too rich for me. I strip the disk with no parity. Forget RAID
5. Well, actually, I use FreeBSD with INND and AHA3940. I make 3 ccds
with 3 x 2GB HDD on each ccd and slice my news spool across those 3
ccds. It's amazingly fast. But then, we are talking about NT news
server here. I tried DNEWS and I didn't like it that much. It's easy
to set up though. Took me less than 5 minutes to receive full feed.

Jeff Woods wrote:
> Aiieeee! Single drives for news are NOT recommended. If your NNS is
> properly configured, go into performance manager, and see how disk bound
> you are. You're probably losing lots of articles for inability to keep up.
> You need to be inserting about 3-5 articles a second for that many groups.
> We have 10 2.9 GB SCSI drives in a RAID-5 mirror.... 2 RAID arrays of 5
> drives each, spanned. We could lose two drives (but not more than one from
> each 5-drive chain) and still be operable. And with ten spindles to share
> the data accesses, over two SCSI channels, it smokes.
> Single drive news solutions are horribly inefficient. Even if you only use
> striping in NT Server instead of hardware RAID, you should get more than
> one drive handling that data. Use RAID-5, which is better for lots of
> small files, whereas RAID-3 is better for large files and throughput.