Re: Actually NT NEWS Server

Jeff Woods ( )
Tue, 18 Mar 1997 14:11:12 -0500

Seconded. Plus, NNS commercial handles the satellite feeds available
while AFAIK, DNEWS does not -- I checked that early on, and at the time (2
yeras ago) DNews couldn't do it. Netmanage's NNS commercial version is great.

At 02:06 PM 3/18/97 -0500, you wrote:

> We've been using Netmanage's Intranet Forum Server comercial version that
>is part of the intranet server package for $495. We run a full news feed
>from sprint, have a multi-controller, multi-drive scsi subsystem, and it's
>blazingly fast. It uses the same configuration files as NNS (which are a
>little confusing) but I've heard that they're coming out with a standalone
>gui server in the near future. I don't know much about DNEWS but if you
>want to run a full news feed I don't see what it can do that NNS can't.