Problems with ISDN

Jeffrey Betts ( (no email) )
Mon, 17 Mar 1997 19:04:23 -0800

First of all here is my hardware setup

PM2er with 20 modems and 5 BRI
cmos 3.5

Customer login is "climark2" customer is using
a motorola bitsurfer . Customer has 128k connection.
If the customer connects at 64k all is OK. When the
customer tries to connect at 128k the first line establishes
fine the second line does not establish. If I look at the port
through the portmaster it keeps showing "connecting"
My radiusnt is in dos mode with the x15 parameter
the error I get is.

"user climark2 is allready logged in 1 time(s)"

Now here is the wierd part we had a conferance call
with a tech from motorola . He is using the exact same
ISDN modem with the exact same settings.
He can log in fine on both lines. No problems at all.
The only differance is he is calling long distance through
a different provider. The tech thinks it is caused by
the way Pac Bell is routing the lines.
Has anyone heard about anything like this ?
I sure could use some ideas

Jeff Betts