RadiusNT MS Access database Problems

SysAdmin ( sysadmin@bitterroot.net )
Sun, 9 Mar 1997 15:51:50 -0700


I have been installing RadiusNT and attempting to
configure the database which comes with it to provide
authentication and accounting from two Portmaster 2e 30's.

I must have/have not configured something or configured it
incorrectly. I am not certain as to what fields in the dbase
I need to put entries and what entries to put.

The errors I get from the DOS command line while running RadiusNT
in the foreground are as follows:

Sun Mar 09 15:33:44 1997: Calc_digest: from pm2.signal.net, ID 146 : Wrong
NAS Address
Sun Mar 09 15:33:44 1997: Authenticate: from pm2.signal.net - Security
Breach: test

Anyone with an idea or experience with this problem which could
give me a clue as to what I need would be appreciated very much.


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