RadiusNT user file limitations

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Sat, 8 Mar 1997 00:43:21 -0500

Is the 'users' file still limited to <=8 character usernames and/or
I would like to periodically export the data from the Emerald db to a flat
users file on a separate machine in case I need to shut the main system
down--this would allow continued authentication from the backup machine
using the 'users' file. Many of our users have loginnames and/or passwords
longer than 8 characters long. Will there be problems exporting and
authenticating these users?

Do I need to configure anything for exporting to a users file?
In Emerald Admin / Client Config / External, the Radius file =
Does anything have to be entered into the External Systems area of Emerald
Admin? Right now, there are no entries.

Radius .60 (two machines)
Emerald .75 or .90 (on separate machines)
SQL 6.5 (one machine)
Ascend Max 4004 5.0A


Josh Hillman