Multiple logins and PAP problem

Nolan W. Bailey, Jr. ( )
Fri, 07 Mar 1997 17:19:58 -0600

I've noticed that multiple logins will only work for us when the user that
is calling in on the same Ascend MAX.. if they are on different MAXs, it
doesn't work... they are allowed on without any trouble.

We never have gotten PAP to work correctly with our RadiusNT setup.... I've
gotten Ascend to check our MAX 4000s (twice) and another person that is
familiar with Ascends... they said everything is setup great... nothing

....and PAP still doesn't work correctly. (post dial-up logins work 100%)

PAP only works about 60% of the time... we've tried other clients than
Windows 95... still doesn't work. The user will call... attempts to login
and then they are disconnected immediately.... if they wait about 20
minutes PAP work fine.

Is anyone using RadiusNT with PAP... is it working great?

Or does it attempt to login and then disconnect the user immediately
about 40% of the time?

What can we do? Help! I know other people must be using PAP without any

If Ascend debug screen looks normal... the radius debug mentions something
about relationships being incorrect... I can post the Radius debug if

Someone please reply...


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