RE: IMPORTANT: Mailing list Move
Wed, 5 Mar 1997 17:03:53 -0500

Please add to mailing list.

>From: Dale E. Reed Jr.[]
>Sent: Saturday, February 22, 1997 5:21 PM
>Subject: IMPORTANT: Mailing list Move
>Saturday morning, 2/22/97, All IEA Mailing lists will be moved to a new
>We are moving to a new mailing list software (NTList from NTMail) and
>also be using this as an opportunity to clear out old accounts or update
>the lists.
>To add yourself to the new mailing list, you need to send a message to:
>which is the new list manager. The body of the message should contain
>the appropriate subscribe command as below for a normal subscription:
>subscribe emerald
>subscribe radiusnt
>subscribe ntisp
>If you wish to have a digest subscription, your message should instead
>contain the appropriate digest command as below:
>digest emerald
>digest radiusnt
>digest ntisp
>The current member lists WILL NOT BE TRANSFERED to the new listserver.
>If you do NOT send a new subscribe, you will NOT receive messages after
>We apologize for any invconvience this may cause, and hope this will
>help us to facilitate and manage the lists better.
>To post to the new lists, you should send your messages to the list
>addresses, which are now on the domain. These are:
>We will be forwarding the old list addresses to the new list address
>for that group after Saturday. However, you should update any address
>book entries to the new addresses.
>If you have any questions or problems with moving your addresses, please
>send mail to Thank you for your cooperation is
>making this a smooth transition and participating in the mailinglists.
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