Re: multiple login, multiple problems

Jorge Pocaterra ( (no email) )
Wed, 5 Mar 1997 14:21:11 -0000

Hi Dale

> From: Dale E. Reed Jr. <>
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> Subject: Re: multiple login, multiple problems
> Date: Tuesday, March 04, 1997 7:43 PM
> Jorge Pocaterra wrote:
> >
> > I have radius NT working fine exept that every time i enable the manual
> > calls online option in the radius nt administrator, Radius Nt crashes
> > a dr. watson error, it sends accounting and authenticates fine but of
> > course i cant't control concurrency and login limit.
> An Update should fix this. You can go back to 1.16.51 in the mean time,
> which I believe worked correctly.

I installed 1.16.51 and it didn't work (it steel crashes with the same
Dr.Watson error) and now i can't run radius as service
it say : error 1067 the process terminated unexpectedly

> > Other problem is that RadiusNt was creating a log file when i first
> > testing it but once i put it to work with the Access database, i have
no log
> > file, the log file is very usefull for me, Please let me know what do i
> > have to do to be able to store log info again.
> RadiusNT has three modes: Text, ODBC, BOTH. It only creates the
> accounting
> logs in Text or Both mode.

When i run radiusnt with -b (Both mode) it gives me an error:

radius; user could not open 0 for reading
user load error

> > I need the invoices and renewals sent by mail in spanish and change the
> > currency from US $ to Bs. (is this possible with the admin. program and
> > cristal report or do you need to make special changes to allow this? If
> > this is posible i will like to buy emerald right away.)
> You can use the printed invoiced with Crystal Reports. You will be able
> to change the Email invoices here very soon.
> > Other problem is that a can't get emerald to print...and it also
> > many times while i was testing it, i think i made a very clean
> > and there shouldn't be any reason for this. Any Idea???
> Did you setup the ODBC DSN called Emerald? Without it, Emerald will not
> be
> able to print.
> You'll have to explain what you were doing when the crash occurred for
> us
> to help you on that one. :(
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