Re: multiple login, multiple problems

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 04 Mar 1997 15:43:00 -0800

Jorge Pocaterra wrote:
> I have radius NT working fine exept that every time i enable the manual
> calls online option in the radius nt administrator, Radius Nt crashes with
> a dr. watson error, it sends accounting and authenticates fine but of
> course i cant't control concurrency and login limit.

An Update should fix this. You can go back to 1.16.51 in the mean time,
which I believe worked correctly.

> Other problem is that RadiusNt was creating a log file when i first start
> testing it but once i pu it to work with the Access database, i have no log
> file, the log file is very usefull for me, Please let me know what do i
> have to do to be able to store log info again.

RadiusNT has three modes: Text, ODBC, BOTH. It only creates the
logs in Text or Both mode.

> I need the invoices and renewals sent by mail in spanish and change the
> currency from US $ to Bs. (is this possible with the admin. program and
> cristal report or do you need to make special changes to allow this? If
> this is posible i will like to buy emerald right away.)

You can use the printed invoiced with Crystal Reports. You will be able
to change the Email invoices here very soon.

> Other problem is that a can't get emerald to print...and it also crashed
> many times while i was testing it, i think i made a very clean instalation
> and there shouldn't be any reason for this. Any Idea???

Did you setup the ODBC DSN called Emerald? Without it, Emerald will not
able to print.

You'll have to explain what you were doing when the crash occurred for
to help you on that one. :(

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