Re: Kickouts

Thomas Spaulding ( (no email) )
Sat, 1 Mar 1997 19:48:46 -0500

: From: Mitch Wagers <>
: To:
: Subject: Re: Kickouts
: Date: Saturday, March 01, 1997 6:18 PM
: Check your SHIVA configuration for TCP Header Compression. It cause this
: problem if the user is using the opposite... We have had the same
problems :)

In my Shiva I did chserver then tcp and this is what I have.

Server TCP Characteristics:

Admin Listener TCP Port : 23
TCP Keep Alives : Enabled
TCP Keep Alive Interval : 1 min
Send Location : Disabled


Users are instructed to check the "Use IP header compression" in win95 and
I don't see any entry for the win31 people for this. Most are using the
IE3.01 for Win3.1 from the IEAK kit. Some are using Trumpet.